Claim Information

Ways To Pay Your Homeowners Insurance Premium

Many homeowners include their insurance premiums in their mortgage payments. The payments are generally held in escrow and forwarded to the insurer. But including your payment in your mortgage is optional and you can decide to pay the insurance premium separately if you choose. You may make one payment (in which case you may get a discount), or pay quarterly or monthly, however your insurer requires. It’s simply a personal choice and generally carries no advantage one way or another except—when you include your homeowners’ payment in your mortgage payment, you don’t forget, or neglect, to pay it on time.

In The Event Of A Claim Or Damage

If you have suffered a loss or damage your claims process begins here with your agent at IRG Insurance. Before you start the claim process the following steps should be taken to minimize loss:


Take photos of the damage.

  • Take whatever steps you can to prevent further damage. Make sure it is safe to make the temporary repairs and you are not risking injury to yourself or your family and friends or risking further damage. Your claim representative can provide you with recommendations and advice for undertaking any repairs.
  • Remember to keep all your receipts for any temporary repairs you make. Also retain receipts for living expenses as a result of the loss to your residence.
  • While tempted to clean up as much as possible, especially after a hurricane, do not throw away household belongings such as furniture or any personal items until these items have been inspected by the insurance company's representative.